Jul 25


2:34 am

The fruit machine emulator born of Mame is updated, I still use BFMulator, MFME & JPeMu for my fruit machine emulation needs so I cant comment on this one much other than to give you the news:

    SAGEMAME is dead, just use regular SDLMAME, and then extract AGEMAME over the top.

    AGEMAME32 will return if things work out, but the new GUI (0.117u1 onwards) will be more than enough for some.

    Numbering scheme changed for this release, this version equivalent to 0.45.

    This release is now designed as a source overlay for MAME versions of equivalent version number. This should allow a cleaner upgrade path in future, and reduces a number of headaches due top supporting multiple versions. You must now compile using TARGET=age

    i.e “mingw32-make TARGET=age” rather than “mingw32-make -f makefile.age”

    Scorpion 4 support has been removed as it never did anything, so The Game and Poleposition are no longer supported. This may be returned to in the future.

Download from the homepage.